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  • After being recently separated after a 32-year relationship, I keep working out to look as good as possible naked! On a more serious note, stopping is not an option … after five knee surgeries my knee will simply seize up if I stop exercising. For me, it is a very fine balance between too little and too much. I have also signed up for the Vancouver/Whistler GranFondo this fall again. That is a huge challenge for me so I have to train hard to complete it. I have never been a quitter and don’t intend to start now!

  • When I feel like packing it in, I stop and re-evaluate what my main goal is and/or why I am trying to achieve it. I then make sure that the goal I am working towards is also in a timeframe that makes sense. If I’m pushing my body too hard so that I want to give up because I’m too tired or feeling deprived of things I love, then I need to re-look at my timeline. Usually once I do this I can get pumped up again to continue the path towards my goal.

  • Sandra, my workouts are an important mental health tool for me. I actually look forward to them. They give me an outlet, they give me a sense of accomplishment, they give me an hour when my life is mine and completely under my control and they give me fitness/strength to enhance the performance of the other sports in which I participate. I can miss one or two workouts and keep it together, but when I miss a week or two, I can become a real pain in the ass

  • Sandra, motivation isn’t that difficult, really. As stupid as this might sound, I recognize that exercise is something I have to do. It’s like cutting the lawn or doing your taxes: it just needs to get done, so schedule it in. In some cases I think Revenue Canada is legally allowed to hunt you down like wild game if you miss filing taxes too many times. That’s a thing, right? Getting the enthusiasm or spirit up is harder. Showing up is one thing, that’s the easy part. Getting enthused to do the workout can sometimes be harder. It really helps when people notice the effort that I’m putting in, when they comment on the fact that I’m slimming up. I like that, it’s encouraging and flattering. I’m a sucker for good flattery. The biggest factor that keeps me going is my wife, Kate. She gets up a 5:30 just about every day and works out for an hour. If I can’t get off my ass for half of that time and work out then I’m pretty pathetic. I’ve got enough issues to deal with, I don’t need to add any more.

  • Hi Sandra, I have been very happy with the experience so far. As you know, I am not in very good shape right now and have found having your staff’s involvement invaluable in getting back into shape. Your trainers are very knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend your facility to anyone. Best regards

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