Bonnie Caldwell

My motivation to participate in Ms. Fit was partially as a challenge, to myself, to push my fitness and partially to be a role model to my children (ok, seeing Sandra’s competition photos was also a bit of a motivator). Growing up I was a “chubby” child. I have always had body image issues and having 4 children in quick succession really took a toll. I made a commitment to get strong, be healthy, and live well. Working out, whether it’s running outside, teaching group fitness classes, or lifting weights in the gym, is how I manage life’s challenges. My life is rich with a full-time career, a loving husband, 4 amazing adult children and fitness to keep me grounded. I might not appreciate the aging process (you can party like a rock star but your recovery is a lot longer!) but I can control how it plays out and Ms. Fit has re-ignited my motivation to be the better and stronger each day!

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  • Submitted On : 20 May 2018