Melanie Ellenburgh

I am very soon to be 52. I have had 2 children, a 20 year old son and an 18 year old daughter.

I feel quitting smoking in 2008 has been the beginning of me wanting to become fit conscious. I took up running as I also wasn’t particularly happy with certain aspects of my life at that time.  I really enjoyed listening to my music and the beat of my heart  going out and running… It was a great escape and I LOVED the me time!

The Lifting of Weights has introduced a different positive dynamic that I really love. How strong I feel and how good I look. Also just getting older and having the odd ache and  pain has really contributed to my desire to be healthy and fit. It is something I really enjoy doing with Andy as well and getting up that early in the morning really isn’t that bad.

I would be lying if I did not include that I do like to look good and feel good because I think all of us are a little vain to an extent also! I love the amazing people I have been meeting and look forward to this continued journey of personal improvement, empowerment, health and well being growth as a healthy smart loving and intelligent individual.

Doing Ms Fit is going to be something different and fun and we should not feel  intimidated or scared because it will just be people ,women, wanting to do something in a safe environment that will be non judgemental and accepting…and new different and exciting !! And fun !!

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  • Submitted On : 20 May 2018