Why should YOU enter Ms. Fit?

You’ve worked hard in the gym and you need a challenge!  You’ve thought about taking your fitness to the next level and entering a fitness competition is something that you’ve place on your bucket list. To heck with the bucket list! Ms. Fit gives you the opportunity to try a “starter” fitness competition now. Make 2018 your year!

When is Ms. Fit?

Ms. Fit will be held on Friday June 29th at the Wright Theatre at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Do I have to be a One On One client in order to enter Ms. Fit?

No, you do not have to be a One On One client. You can workout by yourself or  train with any one you choose to. In order to enter Ms. Fit, you’ll  simply need to complete our Registration form and pay the entry fee. We look forward to seeing you onstage!

Why did you change the event name from Ms. Fit Mommy to Ms. Fit?

We decided to open the event to all women who were eligible to enter a beginner level fitness competition.

What are the age categories for Ms. Fit?

25-29 / 30-34 / 35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49 / 50-54 / 55-59 / 60+

What do other women say about Ms. Fit?

“Last year with Sandra and Danny’s support and encouragement I trained for the Ms. Fit Mommy competition and placed first in my category. This really flipped a switch for me and has taken my training to a whole new level! I have been super dedicated and working harder than I ever have thought was possible.” (Tammy Sherrow)

“It wasn’t until I competed in the Ms Fit Mommy competition that I broke down my barriers. Firstly, I didn’t know they even existed and secondly, I had no idea doing a fitness competition would change my life so dramatically. I now say and practice in daily life.”This is me, take it or leave it”, and I REALLY mean it. I walk with confidence now. I didn’t even know that I wasn’t walking with confidence before. It’s really hard to change something when you don’t even know it needs changing. This has been a bi-product of the competition, but the MOST important aspect. Thank you, Sandra for pushing me past my boundaries. Love you to bits!” (Ann Neill )

What is the judging panel looking for?

You are an inspiring role model for other women as to what they can achieve at your age.

You are fit, athletic and healthy.

We are looking for a reasonable level of leanness. Ms. Fit is NOT a bodybuilding competition.

There are two aspects to the Ms. Fit competition.

The first aspect is the Bathing Suit: The swim suits for Ms. Fit are modest and not high cut. Choose a fun, retro pin up bathing suit (for examples: www.unique-vintage.com/swim.html). Please compete in a two-piece suit of any color and pattern. Your swim suit must be in good taste and flattering to you!

The second aspect of our event is Evening Wear.Choose a glamorous evening outfit that shows us why you are Ms. Fit 2018!

JUDGING (an overview)

Bathing Suit

Round 1: (Your individual walk). Onstage, you’ll walk to various designated points so that we can judge your figure from various angles. Remember to walk slowly and pause at each station so that the judges can see you.

  • Each competitor walks to the first X. Please execute the front double biceps pose. Pause. As you move around the stage, the information from your fitness journey (see registration package) will be shared with the audience.
  • You will then walk to YOUR left and stand at that X. You will then turn so that the judges can view your LEFT side. Pause. You can put your hand on your hip or leave it at your side.
  • You will then walk to the X at the front of the stage facing the judges. You will stand with your arms at your side (view video or attached image). Pause so that the judges can see you.
  • You will then walk to the right of the stage and stand at that X. Please turn so that you are showing the judges your RIGHT side. Pause.
  • You will walk to the X at the rear of the stage. Turn so that your back is facing the judges. If your hair is long, gently sweep it to the front of you so that the judges can clearly see your back. You will execute the rear double biceps pose. Pause.
  • You will head offstage as the next competitor walks onstage (and so forth) until all competitors get a turn.

Bathing Suit

Round 2: (Group Comparisons). All competitors (for your category) will be brought on stage in numerical order.

  • The Head judge will call forward the competitors (by badge number) that they wish to compare
  • The competitors called forward will be directed to the center-stage area (facing the judges) to perform the four quarter turns.
  • Competitors will perform the first quarter turn to their right. They will stand with their left side to the judges, with upper body slightly turned toward the judges.
  • Competitors will perform the next quarter turn to the right and will stand with their back to the judges.
  • Competitors will do the next quarter turn to the right and will stand their right side to the judges.
  • Competitors will do a quarter turn to the front, facing the judges. The Head judge will ask the competitors to go back into the main lineup in numerical sequence.
  • The Head judge will continue to call groupings of competitors forward and proceed to put them through the quarter turns until the judges have made their top 3 selections.
  • When all of the group comparisons are complete competitors will be directed to leave the stage.

Evening Wear Event (Competitors will change and be brought back to the stage for the Evening Wear event (when directed). Do bear in mind that the suit should flatter your frame and will allow us to see your arms, back and legs. As in the Bathing Suit event, you’ll walk to various designated points onstage.

Round 1: Individual walk onstage. See above.

Round 2: Group Comparisons. See above.

Ms. Fit Contest rules:

  • Competitors will compete in a two-piece suit of any color and pattern. Your swimsuit must be in good taste (your score will be affected).
  • You are groomed and Athletes are expected to have a natural and healthy looking stage color. A spray tan will be required to ensure that you do not wash out under the stage lights. Color is required for muscle tone to stand out under the stage lights.
  • Competitors must wear heels and jewelry that does not distract.
  • We are awarding the top 3 competitors in each class. The decision of the judging panel is final.
  • We promote balanced and healthy eating. Fad or extreme diets are harmful and as a result are prohibited in the Contest. Entrants who do not uphold this value may be disqualified from the Contest.

What is the entry fee for Ms. Fit?

Before March 31, 2018: $99.00

Before April 30, 2018: $150.00

Up to and including June 20, 2018 $210.00

This is a one time registration fee. There are NO Refunds. The entry fee must accompany your registration.


How do I sign up?

Contact event organizer Sandra Bueckert by email at oneononefitness@shaw.ca or at the Ms. Fit Mommy page on Facebook to obtain your Registration package.

Need help preparing for the competition?

No problem. Your Registration also includes a FREE 30 minute consultation with One On One Personal Fitness Instruction’s founder Sandra Bueckert to sit down and discuss your needs. Sandra started Ms. Fit Mommy in 2017 to give beginner level women an opportunity to train and prepare for their very first fitness competition. Sandra is also an industry award winning 28 year personal training veteran, former INBA appointed Canadian Head Judge and a multi-award winning bodybuilder. You can hire Sandra or her excellent team of trainers to help you create a plan for getting into your best shape ever!. One On One’s fees vary from $71.50-$95.00 per hour (the length of a session). There’s a range in fees depending on which package you have and how often you see your trainer. Our initial sit and chat will help us to figure out which package works best for your needs and budget.

Will there be an opportunity to meet the other competitors and learn more about what will be required?

Absolutely! There will be a meeting (date TBD) for the competitors where you can learn more about stage preparation, sourcing your bikini, gown, stage make-up, stage color, photography and more.